At Southern Heritage Homes, we believe the way that we approach the design of your home is as important as the way we build it.  It’s an important step that deserves its own place in the building process and we offer the unique experience of in house design services to our customers.  When you’re ready to begin the design process of your home, we’re here to help you!

  • What Are Your Wants And Needs?  This is a time to consider what you want in your new home.  It might be a large covered porch for entertaining, a specific style of siding that you’ve fallen in love with or custom interior doors.  Maybe it’s a floor plan that offers a second family room for your kids, a large kitchen with designer appliances or a private sitting area off your master bedroom.  For most people, this phase includes Pinterest boards and pictures from magazines.  Bring your pictures and your ideas and visit us!  We want to share your vision and this is a great way to start.
  • What Are Your Restrictions?  The building process involves many decisions and sometimes those decisions can be easily made for you.  Site or budget restrictions can help determine whether a Pinterest idea makes it to the final floor plan.  For example, the lay of your lot may determine whether your garage would work best on the main level or on the basement level.  It can also determine which side of the home is used for an entry point, such as a kitchen or mud room, while bedrooms and other private spaces are shifted to the opposite side.  Your budget will often help you determine the square footage of your home as well as finishes.
  • Time to Prioritize!  Now that your list has been created and you’ve had an opportunity to consider any effects that your lot or budget might have on these items, it’s time to begin prioritizing what remains.  Here, we pinpoint a few of the most important things and develop a concept plan.  With a concept plan in place, we can begin to incorporate other wants and needs into the plan as well.
  • Let’s Get Started!  Call (540.489.7700) or email us to begin your design process.  Our office is open Monday – Friday (8:30 – 5:00); we’d love for you to visit us!