No matter the wood, the stain, or the design, there’s something unique about EVERY hardwood floor.  It’s just one of the reasons we love them so much.  We love the grain, the markings and the story that lies within the planks.  In addition to our personal affinity for hardwood flooring, we’ve listed three practical reasons to choose them as well!



  • Styles:  Because hardwood floors come in so many styles, they can add design value to any home.  Different wood species (oak, bamboo, cherry, walnut, etc.) along with a variety of stain colors create a number of options for any homeowner to consider.  If you’re still looking for a little something different, consider trying a different installation pattern.  Parquet, random and diagonal patterns can change things up as well!
  • Maintenance:  We’ve all seen old houses with beautiful original hardwood flooring.  With proper care and maintenance, hardwood flooring really can last decades!  Regular vacuuming and damp mopping will keep your hardwoods in great shape.  And, if you find yourself with a hardwood floor that’s seen some abuse, sanding and refinishing the floors will bring them back to life.
  • Value:  Because hardwood flooring lasts for years and can be refinished, they are considered an upgrade to any home.  Although the initial investment will likely be higher than laminate or carpet, studies show that hardwood floors increase the market value of your homes, should you ever decide to sell!